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Secretly taking Video or audio recordings – is it admissible as evidence in Court?

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How does parental conflict hurt children??

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Parental Conflict does harm children, but to many parents it is a surprise to find out how it does harm children.  click here to find out more What about from a developmental lens?  How does it harm children developmentally?

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WHAT ARE THE IMPACTS ON CHILDREN OF PARENTAL ALIENATION? PART 2 Children who are exposed to PA suffer in a variety of general as well as specific ways from parental alienation. It will often have both temporary and lasting effects on their lives. This is obviously not the intention of the alienator but it is […]

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Is it wise to separate siblings following a relationship breakdown?

Splitting or Separating Siblings when a Relationship Breakdown Many parents in deciding custody or time spent arrangements of the children often ponder if they should divide the children between them? This article will give you insights into the idea of separating siblings and why it is not the best idea or in the best interests of the children. Many times […]

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How does separation affect your kids?

How does Separation affect your Kids?? You may be surprised. Children are often forgotten in the circle of conflict that parents often find themselves in, the children witness and feel all the effects of your conflict. They love both parents not one over the other and will often say what you want to hear so […]

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