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You may not realise this fact, it is a scary thought, but did you know… You Parent as You Were Parented!

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Equal time sought by shift working father!

Equal time sought by shift working father dismissed as it was neither in the child’s best interests nor reasonably practicable – Order made for significant and substantial time, commencement of which to be based on father’s work roster In Marchand & Mahony [2017] FCWA 67 (6 June 2017) O’Brien J of the Family Court of […]

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Is it wise to separate siblings following a relationship breakdown?

Splitting or Separating Siblings when a Relationship Breakdown Many parents in deciding custody or time spent arrangements of the children often ponder if they should divide the children between them? This article will give you insights into the idea of separating siblings and why it is not the best idea or in the best interests of the children. Many times […]

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Spousal maintenance child support departure

Spousal maintenance – Child support departure – Departure application was determined first – Administrative assessment departed from so as to add payment of school fees by husband – Order for interim spousal maintenance In Anderson [2014] FamCA 766 (16 September 2014) Macmillan J heard the wife’ s applications for interim spousal maintenance and departure from […]

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