Deniliquin Lawyers for Criminal and Family Matters

Take the initiative and choose a team with over 35 years of combined legal experience to represent you in your legal matters. Our team consists of criminal lawyers, family lawyers as well as wills preparation and conveyancing experts. We are a proactive team of lawyers dedicated to servicing country areas such as Deniliquin and surrounds. Whether you have been charged with a serious offence, or you are fighting for custody of your children, the team at Joliman Lawyers are well equipped to handle your case.

Professional wills preparation and conveyancing services

Wills preparation may seem like something you can compete without the assistance of a lawyer, however we ensure that all necessary documents are completed correctly leading to a hassle free completion. Conveyancing requires an in depth understanding of the legal documents surrounding sales, purchases and transfer of ownership over property. Again, our team is well trained and practiced in completing these important documents. Alleviate the stress of paper work by choosing to work with wills preparation lawyers in Deniliquin.

Family and criminal lawyers to help you navigate the legal system

Any legal battle is intimidating regardless of what is at stake. Whether you are in the process of filing for divorce or you have been arrested for a serious crime, our team is able to represent you. Proactively working to achieve the best outcome for you possible, we engage with all necessary parties (police, lawyers, or even specialist teams like psychologists or medical experts) to ensure you are receiving the best representation possible.

Family lawyers require a certain level of decorum. We offer this and more with our team of passionate and personable family lawyers. We can assist you in any family matter and we understand the emotional toll these proceedings can cause. Caring for our clients is a major priority for us so we aim to provide the best legal advice possible as well as offering a down to earth and friendly demeanour.

Deniliquin based lawyers with a passion for local matters

We understand that regional living is not as easy and care free as it may seem. The pressures that relate to people living in these local and surrounding areas are unique. Our dedication to providing comprehensive legal services to those living in these areas has led to us having a deep understanding of our clientele. To organise a consultation or to speak to one of our lawyers call (03) 5482 4003 or email