Select the Right Lawyers for your Criminal or Family Law Case in Barham

Legal proceedings can be intimidating regardless of their level of severity. Whether you are separating from or divorcing your partner, heading to court over some traffic infringements or you have been arrested for a serious offence, choosing the right family or defence lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Joliman Lawyers offer a wide range of services that include conveyancing, family and criminal law, wills preparation and Estates and more in the area of Barham. Our professional criminal lawyers are the ideal choice when you are facing anything from a minor to major charge. With years of experience behind everyone in our team, you are sure to be paired with a lawyer that suits your needs.

Family lawyers to assist in tough battles

We have a major focus on family law within our practice. Our family lawyers in Barham are compassionate and able to help you navigate the difficulties of a family law case. Whether you are in the midst of a separation or you are a grandparent seeking to see and spend time with your grandchildren, our team can help.

Family lawyers not only understand the law but must understand the strain and pressure a relationship breakdown can place on you and your family. The team at Joliman Lawyers is understanding of the stresses and attempt to alleviate your concerns by ensuring you are fully aware of where you stand within the law.

Protect your family with a comprehensive wills preparation

Organising a will may be far from your mind, but this document can ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of your death. Our local knowledge of the Barham area ensures that we understand your priorities and how best to prepare your will. Wills preparation can be an uncomfortable process as many of us don’t like to think of death or illness. However, by taking the time to consider your future you are in turn safeguarding that of your family that you may leave behind.

Talk to a team of professional lawyers today for all your criminal and family law matters

Contact the team at Joliman Lawyers by calling (03) 5482 4003 or email As a friendly and down to earth practice, we ensure that your time spent dealing with the legal system is an easy one. Our professionalism is not compromised by our friendly nature but rather enhanced by it. Contact us today to discuss your legal concerns or to arrange a consultation to discuss your matters in detail.